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HOT NEWS - Nitto Kohki


Dear valued customers,
Thank you very much for your continued patronage.
  Here we’d like to announce that Delvo existing transformer-less series DLV30/45/70-MKG will be replaced with
the new transformer-less Brushless A Series DLV30A/45A/70A-AB(K) at minimal cost difference.
The old models will be available as long as its stock go.
Major points of outer frame developments as follows:
1. Improved housing
2. Improved engagement length between Motor and Gear
3. Optimization with temperature characteristics
4. Less vibration level
Besides the change of the outer frame, please note that there has been two other changes as mentioned below.
Be careful about inquiries from end users who are replacing to the new “A” Series.
1.     Very short time Soft start
"A" Series are “Soft Start” at start up


(Old) DLV30/45/70 Series

(New) DLV30A/45A/70A Series

Time to reach specified rotation speed after start up

Reaches specified rotation speed immediately

Rotation increases gradually, and after 0.1 sec., it reaches the specified rotation speed. (Soft start)

Reason for the change
l  To protect the circuit board from excessive current at start up.
l  To prevent the motor from heating.
l  To lower the counterforce at start up.
Matters of concern
l  The speed may feel slow according to some users. 
(Especially high speed models: DLV30A20P)
*Especially when compared with old brushless models, it may show the difference.

2.     Added motor lock indicator (safety function)
(1)   Repeats on-off of motor - Looks as if it is continuously rotating.
(2)   Circuit board and motor may fail if used continuously.
Reason for the change

l  To protect the circuit board and motor and reduce failure.
Matters of concern

(1)   When used under overload, the user may decide (misunderstand) that the product has failed. 
(Since it stops unless it is restarted)
(2)   When used under overload, the new motor will stop before the motor is forced,
so there is possibility that the same overload work cannot be repeated.

The programming will be changed from Serial No. 178****
and overload operation will be enabled like the old DLV30/45/70 series.
However, for improved safety and protection of circuit board and motor,
the motor will stop if it is completely locked due to motor overload.
※If it is stopped, it can be restarted by switching the lever/push switch ON.
Catalogue: Please refer to the attached excerpt from the latest catalogue
(https://www.nitto-kohki.eu/images/stories/products/pdf_catalogs/Dk300g_delvo_web.pdf ).